Download here: http://bit.ly/9jL26p

Many thanks are due to the great Tommy Ramsey of The Small Sounds fame. Not only did he lend a very capable hand on keys during our most recent Houston show at Rudyards – he also informed us that the room was set up to record live shows direct to 2-track. A short talk with the soundman later, and we were up and recording.

It was a great moment in time to capture. Not only because the current Elkhart lineup has really gelled into a tight, cohesive unit – and not only because we had the brilliant playing/sound design of Tommy Ramsey on keys and effects – but because, for whatever reason, Houston is always really good to us. Always a good turnout – always a good show. We’re thrilled to have captured that and we wanted to share it with you here.

So here it is. Live with no edits. This isn’t a pristine studio recording – there are things that mixed too high here, a bump or two there – and Lord knows I need a script or teleprompter after hearing my less than ideal stage banter (especially before the first song) – but all in all, we’re really happy with how it turned out. I may sound like Captain Obvious here, but when you have a really good sound guy that actually works the whole set – you know, paying attention and not hanging out at the bar – it’s amazing how much better things can sound. Even if he’s never heard you before.

Here’s the tracklisting and credits – feel free to download it, post it, rip it and share it with anyone who you think might enjoy it:

Download here: http://bit.ly/9jL26p

01.     Shatter the Night
02.     The Moon
03.     My Brother
04.     The Man in Me  (Bob Dylan)
05.     Tune Out
06.     Tune Out outro (accidently cut into a separate track)
07.     Change Your Mind
08.     Houston
09.     Tietze Park
10.     Little Bear
11.     Unraveled
12.     House of Cards (Radiohead)
13.     Hometown

Recorded by Joe Omelchuck live to 2-track at Rudyard’s in Houston, TX.

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