Welcome to the new Elkhart website

2010. A new year. A new decade. And time for a new Elkhart website.

With the economy taking its toll on our old friends at BandSiteLive (who did a great job of hosting the old elkhartband.com website), we’ve decided to move things over here to the old WordPress blog format. Who knows – maybe we’ll even means we’ll update more than once every few months…

We’ll keep it short and sweet for now – lots of changes to come, lots of new things to share, but first and foremost – the first Elkhart show of 2010. We’re honored to share the stage with two great acts at the BonaFide Darling Music Showcase:

Saturday, January 2nd
City Tavern
Dallas, TX

Ronnie Fauss – 9:00p
ELKHART – 10:00p
Bosque Brown – 11:00p

We look forward to seeing you at City Tavern tomorrow night and on this site in 2010 – and we’ll be sure to post more, blog more, share more and record more this year as well.

Deal? Good. See ya tomorrow night.

– Elkhart

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